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Grand Rose Flower Truffle Wrapper

Grand Rose Flower Collection is one of our romantic chocolate truffle or Brigadeiro flower wrappers. This gorgeous rose has been handcrafted with quality, silky paper in romantic colors and is sure to add a touch of elegance to your wedding or...

Mini Rosa Flower Truffle Wrapper

Mini Rosa Truffle Wrapper Collection is a charming chocolate truffle or Brigadeiro flower paper wrapper. This gorgeous mini rose has been handcrafted with quality, offset premiere paper in a variety of bright and trendy colors.  This...

Prince Harry Flower Truffle Wrapper

Prince Harry Collection is a brilliant truffle or Brigadeiro flower wrapper simply crafted with pointy flower petals to give an impression of a royal crown. It is made with premium paper in bold, gemstone colors.  Add a touch of majesty to your...

Ruffles Flower Truffle Wrapper

Royal Ruffles Collection is a delicate and pretty truffle or Brigadeiro flower wrapper beautifully crafted to display your chocolate delights on your dessert table. This medium-sized wrapper is made of premium paper, with layers of rounded, lofty...