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Large Bear Kraft Gift Box with clear visor. Adaptable with the large Bear, 3 Part Mold.

Large Bear Gift Box - KRAFT

This adorable large Bear Gift Box has a Kraft base and insert and a clear acetate cover. The Bear insert is adaptable with the Large Bear 3 Part Mold.  Display your handcrafted chocolate bear which makes a wonderful gift for any special occasion,...
Large Gift Box with Clear Cover. Caixa Kit

Large Gift Box with Clear Cover - WHITE

This unique Large Gift Box with a clear cover, is a versatile, oversized box to hold a basket of food or treats. Display your handcrafted chocolate breakable hearts, chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, cakes and much more.  The box is easily...
Stand-up Clear Box Egg 150g or Sphere 70mm.

STAND-UP Clear Large Cocoa Bomb Box

Our Stand-up box is a perfect clear box to display your Smashable Egg, decorated Easter Eggs or even Hot Cocoa Bomb. The box has a base and matching cover, with an insert to hold the egg or treat. It is compatible with the 3-Part Mold Egg size of 150g or...
Easter Egg Gift Box with three Chocolate Egg shells (100g or 150g shells).  Caixa Ovo  de Colher Trio em Branco.

TRIO Easter Egg WHITE Gift Box - (100/150g Egg Shell)

The Trio Easter Egg gift box comes with an adaptable insert that fits three 100g or 150g chocolate Egg shells. You may use the 3-part Egg Mold sizes 100g or 150g Egg.  The box includes a clear, transparent cover and base and inserts are made with...