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Mini Rosa Deluxe

Mini Rosa Deuxe Flower Truffle Wrapper Collection,  is a romantic Truffle or Brigadeiro flower wrappers. This gorgeous Rose Flower has been handcrafted with quality, off set paper and a layer of Tela mesh fabric petals to add a touch of glamour...

Mini Rosa Gold Collection

Mini Rosa Gold Truffle Wrapper Collection is an elegant, glamorous Chocolate Truffle or Brigadeiro flower paper wrapper. This gorgeous mini rose in gold has been handcrafted with quality, offset premiere paper.  This wrapper can hold small...

Rustica Burlap Collection

Rustica Burlap Collection is a gorgeous, rustic chocolate truffle or Brigadeiro wrapper that has been designed in burlap material to create a natural, rustic flower wrapper. Combine the Rustica flower with its matching mini- box to add a unique touch to...

Lady Tela Collection

Lady Tela Flower Collection is an elegant and rustic truffle or Brigadeiro flower wrapper that has been crafted with quality paper and metallic mesh material, giving the wrapper a smooth but textured look.  This wrapper boasts both...